Important Announcement

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About RTG Animate

RTG ANIMATE - ANIMATION ACADEMY had been created for just one reason: to teach the art of making Animation. It offers a highly specialized intensely demanding course of study designed to transform ordinary mortals into animation super-artists, capable of leaping tall deadlines in a single bound.
The rapidly expanding Animation field desperately needs qualified artists to work on the growing number of productions being made in India. To fill this need, we found top-notch instructors with extensive professional experience working on world-class projects to create the curriculum. These individuals have collectively been involved with Feature Animation, Television Animation (in both traditional and 3-D computer animation), Video Game Design, Animation Robotics, Simulation and scores of related fields. The course of study they have created is based primarily on their thorough understanding of production requirements in the real world of Animation. The goal of this program is to give Ready To Go Animate Academy students the specific skill sets necessary to produce animation at the professional level. Our focus is to quickly impart the real skills necessary for students to be immediately employable; to produce graduates that are READY TO GO? ANIMATE.

The problem with most of the schools in India today is that they are not producing animators with skills adequate for the global market. This is largely because the creation of quality Animation requires more than merely teaching software. Animation is an Art form, and computers are merely tools, which alone will not compensate for a lack aesthetic understanding. One of the first things we teach is the art of Story. At the root of all filmmaking is this intention: to create an emotional response in the viewer by skillfully manipulating the archetypal response buttons in their psyche. When this happens the viewer has a vicarious experience through the events that happen to the characters in the story. When this is done successfully, many people will want to share this experience. It is simply not enough to make a cartoon move, and it is essential for the animator to make it live. Because creating good animation involves more than just software, the first objective is teaching the basics. Our students will learn to draw, learn to make paper drawings move, and learn to make those drawings into digitally polished short stories. Right from the start, our program will train the methods for producing a simple animated film!