About RTG Animate

RTG ANIMATE - ANIMATION ACADEMY Animation Academy was established in the year 2005. The aim was to provide a creative environment for students to pursue a career in animation. On the much-admired Animation and Illustration course we provide both the guidance and the independence the students need to express their artistic vision with confidence and quality.

RTG provides excellent personalized teaching and support services that addresses the needs of the students. The Academy prepares aspiring professionals in the fields of animation by delivering degree and diploma programs.

RTGA welcomes aspirants who have a flair for art. The curriculum has been designed to provide coursework leading them to become a professional animator.

It maintains an inclusive admissions policy for students who meet the academy’s basic requirements for admission and instruction.

The students are taught by faculty members who have a passion for teaching. It combines the best of digital and handmade animation, ensuring that the students leave the course with an excellent portfolio that demonstrates the widest range of skills.

The curriculum has traditional core skills of drawing, composition, color, design, and perspective. The advanced coursework that is followed is updated each semester enabling the aspirants to gain knowledge as per current and future industry standards.

The students learn skills that build on their previous learning, with a course structure that encourages their artistic independence while covering the broadest range of animation techniques.

They develop a visual language through illustration workshops and apply this to their animation work, finding balance between the two complementary disciplines.

The academy offers a program designed to stimulate development of critical thinking, and communications skills, and to encourage emerging artists to draw upon a variety of disciplines to look at issues from multiple perspectives and to cultivate the ability to function as educated global citizens.

Why RTG?

RTGA is a prestigious institute where students will see their talents grow and their creative spirit held in highest esteem. They will fine-tune their original voice – what’s unique about them – so they can enter the real world triumphantly and confidently.

What makes Ready To Go - Animate special? Read this:
‘Best Animation Academy in West Bengal’ – Ready To Go? Animate was awarded the prestigious award of Best Animation Academy in West Bengal in 2012.
40 hours of training per week – RTGA pioneered thefull time training program.
Full time VFX course – A full-time VFX course taught by industry experts.
Infrastructure – State of the art infrastructure and unparalleled facility makes RTGA a premier institute in eastern India.
Placements – All willing students have received jobs right after completion of their course. Mentoring is provided to the students who participate in interviews.
Wide Program Range – A wide range of programs are available to train students in 2D, 3D, and VFX animation. The course duration may vary from 6 months for a diploma course to 3 years for a comprehensive B.Sc. Degree course in Animation and Film Making.
Faculty – Experienced and dedicated faculty train the students in succeedingin the animation industry.
UGC Certified – RTGA is a UGC approved university affiliated college.
First in Eastern India - RTG Animate pioneered the first full-time animation college in Eastern India.READY TO GO? ANIMATE.

The problem with most of the schools in India today is that they are not producing animators with skills adequate for the global market. This is largely because the creation of quality Animation requires more than merely teaching software. Animation is an Art form, and computers are merely tools, which alone will not compensate for a lack aesthetic understanding. One of the first things we teach is the art of Story. At the root of all filmmaking is this intention: to create an emotional response in the viewer by skillfully manipulating the archetypal response buttons in their psyche. When this happens the viewer has a vicarious experience through the events that happen to the characters in the story. When this is done successfully, many people will want to share this experience. It is simply not enough to make a cartoon move, and it is essential for the animator to make it live. Because creating good animation involves more than just software, the first objective is teaching the basics. Our students will learn to draw, learn to make paper drawings move, and learn to make those drawings into digitally polished short stories. Right from the start, our program will train the methods for producing a simple animated film!