Thursday, September 27, 2012

3D Animation Courses: Are 3D Animation Courses for Me?

3D Animation Courses:  Are 3D Animation Courses for Me?

3D animation courses are taken seriously by youngsters these days because of the big opportunities it offers.  If done from an animation college of repute, after completion of the course, someone can expect to join one of the following positions:

1.    With specialization in 3D animation – you can join as a 3D animator
2.    With specialization in 3D modeling – you can join as a 3D modeler
3.    With specialization in Texturing – you can join as a texture artist
4.    With specialization in Lighting – you can join as a lighting artist
5.    With specialization in Rigging – you can join as rigging artist
6.    With specialization in basic compositing and rotoscopy – you can join the industry as a roto artist
7.    With specialization in compositing – you can join as a compositor
8.    With specialization in VFX – you can work as a visual effects artist
9.    Opportunities in gaming companies – Gaming companies recruit a lot of 3D animators (we are not talking about specialization mentioned in (1) above, but we are talking about people who are trained in 3D overall), and people passing out of 3D animation courses with some emphasis on game designing can find employment with these companies.
10.  And more . . . . . . .

Qualification:  Most of the academies enroll students who are +2 or higher secondary pass in any stream for their 3D animation course.  A lot of graduates, art college pass-outs, engineers, and master degree holders join these courses as well. Good academies have an assessment or some kind of exam where they try to understand whether the candidate will be able to study the course.  If you have the basic qualification, and if you have cleared the assessment, then you are through for the 3D course.  You will be thoroughly counseled by the counselors and admission officers so every doubt is cleared.

Are 3D Animation Courses for Me?  Do animation movies and games inspire you to think about as to how they were made or did you ever think that you would have done things a bit different way if you were the maker of the film?  Or are you creative?  Are you willing to work hard and ready to learn new things?  If your answer is yes to most of these questions, you can join a good a 3D animation course, and a shining future is waiting for you.

At RTG Animate – Animation Academy, we offer the following 3D animation courses:
1.    1-Year Diploma in Animation & Film Making
2.    3-Year B.Sc. in Animation & Film Making.
3.    6-Month Diploma in Compositing & Rotoscopy.

For Admission in the upcoming 15th batch, please contact:

RTG Animate – Animation Academy
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21/1A/3, Darga Road, Kolkata 700 017
P:  +91 33 2289 2890/91
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