Monday, April 25, 2011

MARTYRS : The New 3D Students' Film from 9th Batch of RTG Animate Students

Hi all, here is a good news for everyone at RTG Animate - Animation Academy. Our 9th Batch of students have just finished their 3D project film after many months of hard work. This new movie : MARTYRS is now up on Youtube. All of you should watch it now at : and don't forget to rate it high.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

RTG Animate at FICCI FRAMES 2011, Mumbai

RTG Animate - Animation Academy was invited in FICCI FRAMES 2011 Awards programs in Mumbai. Here are some of the moments and glimpses from there.

FICCI FRAMES 2011 inauguration stage

Dignitaries at the inauguration – Producer Yash Chopra, actress
Anushka Sharma, actor Kamal Hasan, director Karan Johar

Producer Yash Chopra and actress Anushka Sharma
in a chat after inauguration of the 3-day program

Mrs. Sonal Jindal, Director of Machino Animation Pvt. Ltd./
RTG Animate – Animation Academy, in the inauguration.  She
was invited to be a Jury in the FICCI Frames 2011 program.

Representatives from Ubisoft, Pune, discussing “Video Games
for Kids”

Representatives from big companies from different countries 
discussing “Challenges of Creating Animated Content from Asia
Pacific for Global Distribution.”

Michael Fink, Worldwide Creative Director of Prime Focus
discussing special effects

Discussion in process on “Valuing 3D Content: Movies, Television,
and Games”

Panel discussion on “Children Media Consumption Habit”

Representative/s from Google and other companies discussing
“Advertising for Next Generation”

David Freeman, Screenwriter, giving special training on hidden 
techniques used by Pixar to produce successful films, which 
RTG Animate has included in its curriculum

Entry point of FICCI Frames 2011, which was held at 5-star 
Renaissance Hotel with the biggest convention center in India

Mr. Nayan Mandal, Center Head, represented  RTG Animate – 
Animation Academy in the 3-day program. Scores of sponsors
poured in money into FICCI Frames 2011, which was evident 
from the splurge.  Delegates from different countries found 
the program to be encouraging and entertaining.

Representative from 99Games discussing their challenges and
success in the making of “Jim and Frank Mysteries”