Friday, January 28, 2011

Press Release : A New Platform for Young Artists of Eastern India

RTG Animate - Animation Academy, which is considered to be a premier academy in its category, is organizing Launch Pad Art Exhibition from January 28 through February 3, 2011.  This exhibition-cum-sale is intended to give students of all art colleges in eastern India an opportunity to exhibit their artwork and sell them.  Bringing up new talents and encouraging every artist is the main aim of this exhibition.  From visitors’ point of view, what makes this art exhibition unique is that this is the first art exhibition in eastern India where visitors can get glimpses of selected paintings from all the 13 art colleges in West Bengal.  Some paintings of RTG students who are studying animation courses have also been displayed.  As there is no participation fee, large number of students from art colleges requested RTG to display their artwork and help them to sell their work.  RTG has showcased only those works which are of good quality.  Paintings of students who are studying in art colleges or passed within the last two years were invited to display their work in the exhibition.  The artworks will be displayed from 3 to 8 p.m. everyday for seven days, including Saturday and Sunday.  RTG has invited about 3200 art enthusiasts and corporates to visit the exhibition and expects a good number of works to get sold.  Prices of the painting range from Rs. 2000 – 7000, which buyers will find interesting.   The program is a good platform for art students and will be held yearly at RTG Animate.

On 28th January, famous painter Mr. Wasim Kapoor and Ms. Piu Sarkar will inaugurate the program at 3 p.m.  Ms. Sonal Jindal, Director of RTG Animate, politician Ms. Shakila Shams, and Mr. Christopher Derek Rayment, Head of Faculty of RTG Animate, will grace the inauguration program.  Nayan Mandal, Center Head of RTG Animate, will anchor the program.

RTG Animate offers diploma and degree courses in animation and gaming since 2005.  It has arranged to offer free Animation Workshop for all visitors and participants during the exhibition.  Students who are good in drawing, sculpting, or other streams in the art colleges make good animators and the extensively growing animation industry is desperately looking for animators who have good drawing skills.  Apart from promoting new and upcoming artists, the exhibition intends to offer a lucrative career option in the animation industry to the art college students.  The annual Launch Pad Art Exhibition is a confluence for all stakeholders in the art and animation industry – art students, art buyers, animators, and the animation industry.

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